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Tire Storage

Tire Storage in Kitchener, ON

Store your unused tires somewhere safe this season. Call Chris' Tire Discounter to save space at home, protect your seasonal tires, and eliminate the heavy lifting. Reserve your space by calling 519-744-8473. Room is limited.

We serve families across Kitchener, Ontario. Leave your summer or winter tires in our storage facility today.

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Only $60 Per Season

Store your seasonal tires for only $60.00 per season. It's best to call before the first snowfall to avoid the crowds and guarantee your space.

'Tis the Season for Tire Storage in Kitchener, ON

If you want optimal performance out of your vehicle, it's important to swap tires when the seasons change. Let our professionals help you every step of the way. Come into our automotive service center in Kitchener for proper demounting of your current set and installation of your second set. In winter, remember to schedule your tire swap before the first snowfall to avoid the rush.

Why Store Tires?

Proper storage is important for anything not in use and especially for tires. Don't risk destroying your purchase by improperly storing your set. At Chris' Tire Discounter, we'll ensure your seasonal tires are safe so they last. Of course, our service comes with a second benefit - your tires won't take up space in your home or garage. Tires are big, bulky, and not fun to trip over. Eliminate tire clutter this summer or winter by calling 519-744-8473.

We make sure every tire is:

  • Stored in a clean, cool, dark space.
  • Placed away from heat or direct sunlight.
  • Put on a surface that is free of grease, gasoline, or debris.

Exposing tires to moisture, direct heat, sunlight, or corrosive fluid over lengths of time causes tires to deteriorate. We take special care to make sure your summer tires or winter tires are secure while in our off-season tire storage facility.

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