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Gislaved Tires

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Chris' Tire Discounter is proud to offer Gislaved tires to Kitchener, ON, Waterloo, ON, and Baden, ON at some of the lowest prices around. Chris' Tire Discounter helps customers find the right Gislaved tires for their car or truck at the right price that fits their budget. Give us a call at 519-744-8473 today and we will work with you to find the right Gislaved tires for your car. Or you can contact us online. Remember Chris' Tire Discounter is the number one Gislaved tire dealer in Kitchener, Ontario and also offers great deals providing Kitchener, ON auto repair services. Not sure which tire is right for your car then use our online tire catalog.

Gislaved comes from Sweden, a country that stirs up lots of associations. Innovative design ideas from Ikea, for example, or the safety and reliability offered by Swedish cars like Saab and Volvo. Or the proverbial strength of Swedish steel. Gislaved tires incorporate everything that Sweden stands for – modern styling, comfort, top quality, reliability and international distribution.

Attractive for consumers and dealers alike.

The wide range of products for cars and MPVs/light vans satisfies virtually every requirement. Gislaved is one of the world's leading safety experts in the field of winter tires. For many years now Gislaved's nimble summer tires have also gained a growing following among motorists in many countries throughout the world.

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